It has been a while since we have updated the website, although we are back to keep you updated on what's been happening over the summer. We will be posting some new photos and updating our news feed as well as creating some useful information leaflets to ensure that you make the most of your gardens.

We hope you have been enjoying the hot weather we have experienced this summer. It makes a welcome change from the usual clouds and rain and as the sun came out so did all the beautiful flowers (we hope that you have been kind and watering them during the dry weather). BrillGardens has certainly been busy over the summer as everyone wanted their Brill Garden ready for all the summer fun.

However, it's not too late to build your perfect garden even if it’s just a consultation for some useful information on how to make your garden survive the autumn/winter months. Maybe you are looking to prepare for the future and get yourself a Brill Garden this autumn to enjoy for the whole of spring and summer next year and beyond.

Whatever you are looking for, even just a maintenance job, be sure to get in contact us via telephone or email (all details found on our contact us page).